Harness arabesque of dog

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It is a site that was introduced a harness of traditional Japanese arabesque. It is sometimes see patterns on television and magazines. In particular, even in the era drama and part of the comedy of the tool comes out often. While there is also a something familiar pattern, arabesque that presence there clearly. The kind where haze, there is a harness of arabesque that does not put digging.

Dog collar harness specialty shop HundA

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Charm of arabesque!

Arabesque looks very auspicious pattern! One in the for the old days each home, I'm wrapping cloth of arabesque was in absolute. "Even if there is that if any bad, to overcome it, forever prosper" as meaning that the luck is good has been put is desire. For some reason, because it is a pattern that has led all the way without arabesque is interrupted. There is a dog of the harness of such auspicious arabesque.

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The strength of the specialty shop!

So far we have been selling a lot of the number. It has been stuck from the purchase of fabric in one by one, such as eggplant and member worthy of the harness. Also from being Kodawa to make so one of the harness, is the strength of the professional shop. → dog collar harness professional HundAf Funtoa

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Harness of safety and security!

All while sticking to the handmade, we make a safe and secure harness. Rather than simply mechanically mass production, it dares over the time and effort finish in the spirit of "not Haisa the effort even if waste is paper output." Also Mashi conducted island inspection pull the harness and lead pull testing and a request to the professional office is a third party in order to be strong. How about more than 10 times the tensile strength of the body weight of the dog was found to have been secured. In order for you to go out to the safe and secure and fun walk, we will continue to deliver better products.

Dog collar harness specialty shop HundA

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